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Son of a Carousel II

son of a carousel 2 image

After having received the honor of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Award in 2005 (and having sold out the edition within days) I received many requests to create more kaleidoscopes using a carousel at a lower price than the original one.

That is how the Son of a Carousel kaleidoscope was conceived and came to be. The stand is antiqued brass, and the carousel is enameled cast metal decorated with Swarovski crystal and housing a musical box that once winded up plays music while turning the carousel in front of the kaleidoscope lens. The tiny flashlight is used to create highlights and sparkles on the 6 carousel animals which include a horse, a goat, a rabbit, a lion, a camel and an elephant.

The first edition sold out within weeks of opening to the public, and I received so many requestes for more that I decided to make a second edition in 2008.

\son of a carousel 2 mandala image
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