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Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams image

Blue Dreams is a very Victorian parlor/handheld kaleidoscope (it is light enough to be hand held, but it can be viewed as a parlor as well). It is my way of traveling back in time to when as a little boy. I used to spend hours during my lazy summer afternoons at my maternal grandmothers home, cruising through the objects on her bedroom chest of drawers. I was fascinated by her cut glass blue powder box with the matching eau de perfume bottle and jewelry box.

The kaleidoscope is made using 2 cut glass oil lamp fonts that I decorated with Swarovski crystal and mounted together. The mirror system is 2 mirrors with 8 point mandala and the cell contains Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones, and lamp worked Murano glass.

6" long by 8.5" tall by 5" wide.
It is an edition of 40.

\Blue Dreams mandala  image
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