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The Dream of Ali Baba

The Dream of Ali Baba image

The Dream of Ali Baba comes in 2 flavors: Silver or Gold.

It has a double chamber, dry in front of the mirrors, and oil filled on the back. The effect is that while you can enjoy the mechanical movement of the Murano glass and Swarovski crystal in front you can perceive the slow movement of the blue and red beads in the rear cell.

The blue and red beads in the rear cell are segregated and moving independently from each other as you rotate the cell from the top to the bottom of the mirrors, so that the mandala will have alternatively a blue center surrounded by red, and as you move the cell a red center surrounded by blue.

It is a limited edition of 10 of each color, and about 1/2 of it is sold.

\the dream of alibaba mandala
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