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Un Sogno Vittoriano

Un Sogno Vittoriano kaleidoscope

Un Sogno Vittoriano is one of those puzzling kaleidoscopes that stimulate people imagination because of its very nature. It is a kaleidoscope that uses as object chamber another kaleidoscope - the porcelain sphere that sits on the turntable and that projects exquisite images inside the kaleidoscope is a kaleidoscope itself!
With an oil filled chamber it creates a wonderful 8 points mandala with vibrant  colors. Remove it from the turntable and while you are looking inside it a second person can put the marble that sits on the center holder on the lazy Susan (or for that matter a bowl of colorful candies, or dry flowers, or a colorful get the point, right?) and by gently spinning it creates infinite viewing possibility.
The Swarovski encrusted flashlight hanging from the ballchain can be used to create dazzling sparkles while looking at the sphere through the kaleidoscope, or simply to create light and shadows play with other material. 
The kaleidoscope is about 18" tall and 12 long by 5" diameter at the base.

Un Sogno Vittoriano mandalas

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